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Ceiling SAM: Your Ultimate Garage Storage Solution

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Discover the transformative power of space with Ceiling SAM, the leading name in efficient, reliable, and durable garage storage solutions. As homes evolve and space becomes a premium, there's a growing need for smart storage solutions that don't just optimize space but also make accessibility a breeze.

Innovative Design for Maximum Space Utilization

Ceiling SAM is expertly designed to take advantage of the often overlooked and underused space – the ceiling. With our pioneering system, you can effortlessly suspend everything from bikes and tools to seasonal decor, freeing up valuable floor space for more crucial needs. Whether you have a compact garage or a spacious one, Ceiling SAM ensures that every square inch is utilized to its maximum potential.

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Garage Storage Solution Built to Last

Quality and durability lie at the heart of the Ceiling SAM promise. The products are manufactured using top-tier materials, ensuring robustness and longevity. Designed to withstand the weight of even the heaviest of garage items, Ceiling SAM instills confidence with every installation. Say goodbye to cluttered floors and hello to a streamlined, organized, and efficient garage space.

Ceiling SAM are the best in the business.

And this is why...

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Questions? We've got answers.

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What are the dimensions of the Ceiling SAM storage system?


The Ceiling SAM storage system measures 40.5” in width and 65” in length, making it spacious enough to accommodate various items while being compact enough to fit most garage ceilings.


How many rails does the Ceiling SAM system come with?


The Ceiling SAM system is equipped with 3 rails. These rails are designed to ensure even weight distribution and provide the structure needed for the impressive load-bearing capacity.


How is the Ceiling SAM system secured to the ceiling?


Our system uses 6 lag screws for a secure and stable installation. This ensures that once installed, your items remain safely suspended and the system stays anchored firmly to the ceiling.


Are storage totes included with the Ceiling SAM system purchase?


No, storage totes are sold separately. While the Ceiling SAM system is designed to accommodate a variety of storage totes, you have the flexibility to choose the ones that best fit your needs and purchase them separately.For more details and information, feel free to explore our website or contact our customer service team.


What is the load capacity of the Ceiling SAM storage system?


Ceiling SAM is robustly designed and can comfortably handle loads up to 200 lbs. This means you can store a variety of items, from bicycles to heavy toolboxes, without worrying about the system's integrity.

Our Customers Speaks for Us!

We called Joe's Garage door for emergency service. We couldn't open our garage door and take out the car. They called back asap, committed to same-day service, and restored the door to its function. They were excellent in service, professional, and very reasonably priced! We highly recommend Joe's garage door service!!!

Maria Roque

Joe did a really good job installing a new opener and rod after I had problems with a previous new install I had removed/refunded as it didn't work properly. The equipment installed seems of better quality. Greg, who did the garage opener installation, was polite and professional. No complaints as of yet. Hopefully, this equipment is the answer

Jay Wysong

The installer arrived promptly and, after 2.5 hours, had completed repairing the overhead garage door. , the nickname of the garage installer, did an excellent and fast job. Very creative and professional. I would use Joe again in a heartbeat.

David G.
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Why Choose Ceiling SAM for Your Storage Solution?

In today's space-conscious world, maximizing storage without compromising accessibility is paramount, and Ceiling SAM offers precisely that. With its spacious 40.5” x 65” dimensions and robust 200 lb load capacity, this ingenious system takes full advantage of often-underutilized overhead garage space. But it's not just about storage volume; it's about ease. Comprising 3 sturdy rails, securely anchored by 6 lag screws, Ceiling SAM promises not only durability but also an effortless installation experience. And while the system is tailored to seamlessly accommodate a range of storage totes, the choice of containers remains flexible, as totes are sold separately, allowing homeowners to customize their storage preferences. In essence, choosing Ceiling SAM is choosing innovation, efficiency, and personalized garage organization.