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What are the different types of a garage door drums?

The Role of Drums in Garage Door Systems

Garage doors are large, heavy doors designed to open and close while supporting a significant amount of weight. Because of this, one of the most critical components for any garage door system are the drums. The drums, crafted from durable metal, are the parts that hold the cables used to lift and support the door, contributing to its reliable function and security. Choosing the right type of drum for your specific garage door is extremely important for ensuring safe, reliable and long-lasting operation.

Types of Drums Offered by Joe's Doors

At Joe’s Doors, we understand how important it is to select drums suited for your particular door, whether you're looking for steel-made products for their strength or considering the color and curtain design integration for aesthetic appeal. We offer four main types of drums: torsion drums, tension drums, cable drums and roller drums. The type that will work best for you depends on the weight and size of your door.

Torsion Drums for Heavy Garage Doors

Torsion drums are ideal for heavier garage doors. They contain torsion springs inside the drum that help lift the weight of the door, reducing strain on the door itself. The torsion springs provide tension that lifts and supports the door as it opens and closes. Torsion drum systems are a great choice for larger or commercial doors to prevent excess wear and tear over time.

Opting for Tension Drums for Residential Doors

For lighter residential doors, tension drums are a good option, offering a balance between durability and price. Tension drums do not have internal springs. Instead, they rely solely on tension to keep the door in place as it moves. While suitable for lighter doors, tension drums may not provide enough support for heavier commercial doors, causing the door components to deteriorate more quickly. Tension drums are an affordable, low-maintenance choice for standard residential garage doors, combining quality hardware with cost-effectiveness.

Cable Drums for Heavy-Duty Doors

Cable drums, a robust choice for heavier doors, offer enhanced performance and longevity for roll up door systems, accentuating their storage and operational efficiency. They are designed to handle the weight of the door using a heavy-duty cable system. The cables, made from high-grade steel, wrap around drums on either side of the door to lift and lower it, ensuring durability and smooth operation. Cable drums, designed for heavy-duty operation, provide a smooth operation for opening and closing heavy doors, making them a perfect product for commercial settings where durability and reliability are paramount. However, they typically require more maintenance to ensure the cables remain in good working condition.

Roller Drums for Effortless Residential Door Movement

The fourth option is roller drums. Roller drums utilize rollers placed along the horizontal tracks to guide the door up and down. They work best for lighter residential doors. The rollers, crafted from sturdy materials, help the door move more freely with less strain, an essential feature for both manual and automated roll up doors. Roller drums do not provide the same level of support as the other types, so they should only be used for standard residential doors. Roller drum systems tend to be more budget-friendly but may need more frequent maintenance or replacement of worn rollers.

Tailoring Drum Selection to Door Type with Joe's Doors

In summary, the four main types of garage door drums—torsion drums, tension drums, cable drums and roller drums—each suit different types of doors. Torsion and cable drums, integral components for the smooth operation of roll up doors, work best for heavy, commercial doors while tension and roller drums are preferable for residential doors due to their efficient handling and installation ease. At Joe’s Doors, we can evaluate your specific garage door and needs to determine which type of drum system is right for you. Properly supporting your door with the correct drums is key to ensuring it provides safe, long-lasting use of your garage space. Please call us with any questions you have about choosing and installing garage door drums. We offer Garage door tune-ups, including inspection and replacement of rollers and tension drums, ensure the longevity and efficient operation of your door, whether it's a traditional or roll up door., repairs, opener install and more!

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