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Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House Garage Doors
in South Florida

Carriage house garage doors are a popular choice for homeowners looking to give their home an old-world feel. These garage doors are made from wood or metal and feature a classic design that is reminiscent of a carriage house. The most common type of carriage house garage door is the swing-up style, which features two doors that swing up and out when opened. They are usually painted white or off-white and have decorative hardware, such as wrought iron handles and hinges. They can also be customized with different colors and finishes to match the home’s exterior. Carriage house garage doors are a great way to increase curb appeal and add value to a home. They are much more secure than traditional garage doors and are less vulnerable to break-ins and weather damage. They are also energy efficient and quieter than other types of garage doors. For those looking for an elegant, classic look to their home, carriage house garage doors are the perfect solution.

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Carriage House Garage Doors


What is needed for garage door maintenance?

Garage door maintenance typically involves inspecting and lubricating the moving parts, checking the door balance, and testing the auto-reverse safety feature. It would help to look for signs of wear and tear, listen to unusual noises, and check that the door is operating smoothly. Any significant issues like a non-operating door, a broken spring, or a sagging door should be addressed by a professional. Regular maintenance can help prevent major issues and prolong the life of the door.

What should I do if the cable on my garage door is frayed?

If you have a frayed cable or broken spring, do not attempt to remove, repair or adjust it on your own. Each spring is under extremely high tension, and can cause serious injury or death if not handled correctly by a professional. Allow us to come inspect the situation so that we can ensure your safety and peace of mind.

What kind of garage door should I choose?

The choice of a garage door should be guided by factors such as local regulations regarding wind-load requirements, the space available, the type of vehicles you own, and the overall design of your house. Following these factors will allow you to have an excellent investment to improve your home value, secure your family, and dramatically reduce your insurance costs.

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