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Eco 850-16 - Full View Bronze

Fort Lauderdale, FL

September 10, 2023

The Challenge

We were entrusted with installing a garage door for a newly constructed luxury residence. The task wasn't just any regular installation; it involved the Eco 850-16, a high-end hurricane-rated full view garage door known for its complexity and precision requirements. Being a new construction, the challenge was twofold. First, we needed to ensure seamless communication with the contractor throughout the process to guarantee that the garage opening and electrical setup were prepared according to the specifications of the wall mount opener. Second, the delicate and meticulous nature of the Eco 850-16 installation demanded that our installers weren't just proficient but were seasoned experts with a deep understanding of the product.

Our Solution

To overcome these challenges, we took a proactive approach from the outset. We initiated regular meetings with the contractor, ensuring alignment in our timelines and facilitating a smooth handoff between the construction of the garage opening and our installation process. For the electrical setup, we provided detailed schematics and collaborated closely with the home's electricians to ensure the wall mount opener would function flawlessly. Recognizing the sophistication of the Eco 850-16, we deployed our most experienced team of installers who had undergone specialized training for such premium products. They approached the task with meticulous precision, using their expertise to ensure the door was functional and aesthetically pristine, aligning with the luxury standards of the residence.

Eco 850-16, full view garage door, with bronze frame installed in Fort Lauderdale


Branko S.
Detailed blueprints of the luxury home's garage layout, highlighting the designated space for the Eco 850-16 installation
Skilled installation team discussing project specifics with the main contractor, emphasizing collaboration and attention to detail.
Bare garage opening, meticulously constructed in readiness for the Eco 850-16 full view door
Close-up view of the high-quality, hurricane-rated materials of the Eco 850-16 garage door, showcasing its robust design
Experienced installers diligently mounting the Eco 850-16 garage door, emphasizing precision and expertise
Elegant coastal residence in Fort Lauderdale showcasing its new Eco 850-16 full view garage door
Exterior look on a full view garage door in Fort Lauderdale.
Interior look on a full view garage door in Fort Lauderdale.
Interir look on a ECO full view garage door in Fort Lauderdale.
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