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DAB Model 824 9x7 Dark Brown

Naples, Florida, 34102

February 18, 2024

The Challenge

In the installation of the 9x7 DAB garage doors for our Naples project, we encountered a unique challenge: we never physically met the client. This distance posed a significant obstacle in finalizing the color and design of the doors. The process was prolonged as we strived to ensure that our vision aligned with the client’s expectations without the benefit of face-to-face meetings.

Our Solution

To overcome this hurdle, we leveraged the power of digital communication. We dispatched numerous pictures and color samples, providing a comprehensive visual array that closely represented the final product. Additionally, we facilitated several consultation calls. These efforts were crucial in clarifying details and nuances that might otherwise be lost in translation. This thorough virtual collaboration process allowed us to synchronize our plans with the client's vision, ensuring their complete satisfaction with the end result.

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Exterior shot of a Naples home's new 9x7 dark brown DAB garage doors

Joe’s Doors did a great job from beginning to end. They kept up communication about delivery and install. The guys who installed the door and Liftmaster were excellent, and the new door looks great, too!

MaryBeth Welsh
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