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Clopay Modern Flush with Contem

Naples, Florida, 34112

March 17, 2024

The Challenge

We encountered a unique challenge: the client desired the windows on the new garage door to match the existing windows on their property precisely. Achieving this level of consistency in design and aesthetics was critical to maintaining the home's cohesive look.

Our Solution

We visited the client's property to understand the specifics of the existing windows firsthand. By physically comparing different samples on-site, we were able to select the perfect match in terms of style, tint, and size. This attention to detail not only ensured a perfect match but also demonstrated our commitment to meeting the client’s specific needs and ensuring their satisfaction with our custom installation service.

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Stylish South Florida home featuring a white Clopay Modern Flush garage door

GREAT communication. They should teach a course to all other service people on how to run a business

Jeffrey Toewe
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