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Clopay Avante Frosted 16X7

Wilton Manors, Florida, 33334

December 19, 2023

The Challenge

This project stood out as one of our most satisfying endeavors in 2023. Initiated through Facebook Messenger, a client shared images illustrating his vision for transforming his property. At this juncture, he had already upgraded the windows and front door with matching glass, prompting us to ensure that the garage door's appearance harmonized with the existing aesthetic. Additionally, due to the property's proximity to the ocean, we encountered stringent wind mitigation regulations that necessitated adherence to code for the door installation. Compliance with these regulations not only ensured the door's structural integrity but also contributed to reducing the homeowner's insurance costs. The challenge heightened when the client expressed a desire for a full-view garage door, as achieving a high wind load for a double-car garage door became more complex within the constraints of preserving window views and strategically placing struts.

Our Solution

Following several on-site meetings and meticulous measurements of the garage door, paying particular attention to the headroom for optimal track radius, presenting samples of various garage door frame colors and textures, as well as door options, we reached a consensus on this exquisite design. With the client securing the agreement by making a 50% deposit, we promptly placed the order. Given the substantial lead time for the Avante model—typically ranging from 10 to 12 weeks for it to reach the distribution center in Miami—we maintained regular communication with Clopay during this period. This proactive approach aimed to ensure minimal delay, from the moment the door arrived at the distribution center, ready for pickup, to the seamless installation process. Once we received the final arrival time from Clopay, we coordinated the installation schedule with the client, resulting in a remarkably smooth execution of the entire process.

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Clopay Avante frosted 16X7 with white frame

I am very pleased with Joe's Doors! They are reliable and very responsive. They have a great team when it comes to communication and sales. I highly recommend them. They have unbeatable prices! Thank you for a good experience!

Rosa Dribin
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